Andrew Spivak for Nevada
Andrew Spivak for Nevada
Assembly District 15

Our community. Our values.
Progress for Nevada.
Nuestra comunidad. Nuestros valores.

Progreso para Nevada.

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Hi. I'm Andrew Spivak. I'm running for NV State Assembly in 2018, and I want you to be part of it.


Andrew Spivak has been involved in community causes as long as he can remember. Andrew is currently serving as the outreach director of a local religious non-profit organization, and has worked as staff and as a volunteer for democratic candidates in Nevada for over a decade. The Spivak family moved to Southern Nevada over twenty years ago. Andrew was raised by a single mother, and he is a graduate of Clark County's public schools and the University of Nevada - Las Vegas. Go Rebels!

Andrew and his wife Marissa live in Huntridge with their cat, Frankie. When the Golden Knights aren't on TV, you can probably find them at their favorite local coffee shops or bars on Fremont Street. 

Andrew Spivak will not take any corporate or lobbyist money in this campaign.  


The Economy

Creating an economy that works for every employee in our state means

1. fighting for a livable minimum wage

2. expanding access to paid sick leave and parental leave 

3. supporting small business owners by making it easier to start and operate businesses, especially in low-income communities

4. protecting marijuana businesses and consumers


Keeping our streets and public spaces safe and clean means

1. expanding public transportation

2. developing light rail and other solutions to make getting around easier, while decreasing traffic 

3. fixing our roads and sidewalks to make our communities safer, more walkable and create jobs


Andrew's parents were both public school teachers. In recent years, Nevada's schools have made great gains in quality and funding, but we know it isn't enough. Supporting every student in Nevada means

1. funding our schools to the level of support they need - including paying teachers a livable salary

2. train students for the jobs of the 21st century and increase vocational training in high schools and two-year public colleges

3. holding all schools to the same high standards if they receive public funds - even charter schools

4. make two and four year college affordable for every student in Nevada who is qualified to attend

5. protecting immigrant students

6. ensure access to affordable, high-quality early childhood education 


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